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Pneumatic Die Cutting Machines

Tippmann Clickers are unique in that they are completely pneumatic with no electronic controls. These die presses are lightweight and compact, and offer an affordable, virtually maintenance free alternative to other die presses of the same tonnage.

Our customers have found hundreds of different uses for the clicker. The present uses of Tippmann Clickers include, but are not limited to: die cutting gaskets, rubbers, leather, vinyl, plastics, carpet, lab grown human skin, medical devices, and much more.

These are versatile, compact die presses that can be customized to fit your specific product needs. We specialize in developing turn-key solutions. If you send us a sample of the material you are looking to cut or press, we can put together a system to start production. We will shoot a quick video of the Clicker being used for your application and email it back to you within 24 hours. You will find that the Tippmann Clicker has a very simple, useful design, and will produce consistent results for many years.

The Tippmann Clicker is built right.

It all starts with the C Frame. Each C Frame is tested and rated to 8 tons of pressure. The 7 ton press has two C Frames and the 15 ton press has four. The clickers have very few moving parts, reducing wear and tear. The vinyl bladder is hand formed and tested to 125 psi, ensuring long life and cutting power. The platens are precision machined and ground.

Clicker C Casting

While we do offer some accessories for our Clicker line, it is important to note that we customize clickers to your specific application. Some of our customers customize their own presses. Most of these changes to the press do not affect the one year parts and labor warranty.

As our presses are used in many different industries and applications, we offer the presses as a base model. If you are subject to OSHA regulations, the press meets all current safety requirements. If you require "anti-tie down" controls, we can install them. They are featured in the accessories section of the website here. Also, please read OSHA’s guidelines for pneumatic presses by clicking on this link: www.osha.gov/SLTC/etools/machineguarding/presses/pneumatic.html. It is important to understand OSHA’s definitions and recommendations for clicker presses.

As manufacturers ourselves, we understand your need to have a dependable, cost effective machine that gets the job done. If we believe that our press is not the best answer for your project, we will NOT try to sell you something you do not need.

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